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Local Area Networks


Create a secure local area network with full WiFi access,  security for remote connectivity and more.

Service Detail

Today's technology has brought us a wide array of features and access to portals that are at our fingertips. The SecureCom Group has developed systems that allow you to create a local area network for your residence, or office that streamline the latest technology and creates a fully secure network. From full WiFi access, communication, and/or security for remote connectivity.

The SecureCom Group has the platform to fit your needs​

  • Managed WiFi networks

    • Allows WiFi devices to connect throughout the site

  • Firewall security

    • Secures the local network and WiFi from intruders

  • Managed Local Area Network 

    • Network infrastructure created to allow the user to integrate any I.P. Device (Surveillance, security, WiFi, and work stations)

    • Manageable Network, which would allow for real time software and firmware upgrades

      • The upgrades or service may be completed offsite, reducing cost with fewer onsite visits


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