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Today's technology has brought us a wide array of features and access to portals that are at our fingertips. The SecureCom Group has developed systems that allow you to create a local area network for your residence, or office that streamlines the latest technology and creates a fully secure network. From full WiFi access, communication, and/or security for remote connectivity, The SecureCom Group has the platform to fit your needs.


  • Managed WiFi networks

           Allows WiFi devices to connect throughout the site.


  • Firewall security

          Secures the local network and WiFi from intruders.


  • Managed Local Area Network 

          Network infrastructure created to allow the user to integrate any I.P.                          Device. This would include surveillance, security, WiFi, and work stations. 

          The Network would be manageable, which would allow for real time software            and firm ware upgrades.

          The upgrades or service maybe completed offsite. The offsite manageability                reduces cost by reducing onsite visits.


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